Obituary for Kandos Race Club

The saying ‘Australians will bet on two flies crawling up a wall’ was truer in the 1920s than it is today. Every community that had a few houses, a pub, a church and a hall, also had a racecourse.

Man on a Mission Frank Oakden

Frank Oakden, first General Manager of Kandos cement works, is not memorialised on any street or park in Kandos and so his biography does not appear in the publication Streetwise: Finding History on the Streets of Kandos.

Housing a Workforce

Three army huts, to provide accommodation and dining facilities, were purchased, dismantled, transported and erected on company land near the works site. The new residents were refugees and displaced persons from Europe.

Joy and Jubilation for Kandos

Following this, eight hundred children assembled in the hall for the Governor’s words of wisdom. “If you accept mental and physical discipline,” he told them, “you’ll be able to accept the responsibilities of adulthood.”