The Shopkeeper’s Daughter Miss Alice Solomon

This article appeared in the Mudgee Guardian on 11 May 2015.

The featured image is of Miss Solomon cutting a cake at the debutant’s ball in the 1960s. (from the Museum collection)

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The Shopkeepers Daughter

3 thoughts on “The Shopkeeper’s Daughter Miss Alice Solomon”

  1. I grew up in kandos. I was born in rylstone hospital on 12th January 1947. My father worked at the kandos co-op for about 50 years. I moved to wollongong in 1974. I have 4 sons 2 in wollongong 1 in Bathurst and 1 in rockhampton qld and I have 9 grandchildren. I do miss kandos but I have no reason to go back anymore.


    1. Hi Carole I remember your family well especially Nana Day and the Rogers family (butchers) as Dad (John and Bunty)owned the Taxi next door. Old Miss Solomon was a character and I was party to one of the Debutantes Balls. She was amazing and I remember it was said that she never washed her hand because the Pope had kissed it. Loved the Nuns at St Dominics. You could hardly move in her shop it was so full! Looking back so many amazing people. Pauline Byfield (Solod)


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