Jundah Singh – Pioneer Migrant Businessman Litigant

…Jundah’s athletic talents included boxing. Apparently he held his own in the boxing ring, earning the title of champion. His sons too were not afraid to fight. All five enlisted and fought for their country in the Second World War…

This article by Colleen O’Sullivan appeared in the Mudgee Guardian, 4 March 2013.

The featured image is a docket or invoice showing purchases from Jundah Singh’s store in the 1920s. Bills were usually settled weekly.

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Further information about Jundah Singh and his cousin Mann Singh is contained in the following email from Joan Meredith 29/9/2020

Dear Colleen,
I have just discovered your article about Jundah Singh such an interesting read and I thank you for it.
Jundah Singh was my Grandfathers cousin so I am able to add some factual information to your story on Jundah Singh.
Jundah Singh and his cousin Mann Singh arrived together in Australia on 6th Nov 1896 on board the ship “Clitus”
on arrival they had but a few rupees between them and somehow they started up a hawking business together
sadly this came to an end when Mann Singh was charged with indecent assault on a boy and sentenced to 3 years in jail.
You can read the full transcript of the trial as reported in the Gundagai Times and Tumut Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser 1 Aug 1899
This report proves Mann Singh was NOT guilty but still given 3 years as court deemed he was guilty, heartbreaking to read especially the that it was UNPUBLISHABLE
This report was printed 17 March 1899 title “Sparks from the Anvil”
I found all this via Internet and guess it was now made available as it was over 100 years old.
When Jundah applied to be exempt from the dictation test on return from a visit to India he said he had been in Australia for 27 years,
10 years in Tumut, 10 years in Rydal and 7 years in Kandos, I assume he srayed in the Tumut area after his cousin Mann Singh was sentenced to jail for 3 years.
After his release from jail Mann Singh changed his name taking on the christian/given name of Charles and combining his given and surname to become MANSINGH
so he became known as Charles Mansingh, my grandfather.
tHe jail photo of Mann Singh states he was well educated, intellectual could read and write.
Charles Mansingh married Fanny Louisa Charlton at Holy Trinity C of E Kelso 6 June 1906 they were living at Green Swamp as were Jundah Singh and Harriet Bromwich at the time they married 1910
My mother Ena Mansingh, eldest daughter of Charles and Fanny was very close friends with Irene Singh daughter of Jundah Singh.
This is probably all too much however, you may like to check out my Charlton Tree on ancestry, I am jmeredith64 for that tree and also have a Singh tree for Jundah.
I would be happy to answer any questions that arise from this “blog”
Kind Regards
Joan Meredith 

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