Housing a Workforce

Three army huts, to provide accommodation and dining facilities, were purchased, dismantled, transported and erected on company land near the works site. The new residents were refugees and displaced persons from Europe.

Joy and Jubilation for Kandos

Following this, eight hundred children assembled in the hall for the Governor’s words of wisdom. “If you accept mental and physical discipline,” he told them, “you’ll be able to accept the responsibilities of adulthood.”

Hard Times in the Great Depression

August 1930 saw the closing of the mine, quarry and cement works at Kandos and it was not until August 1936 that all three were working again with a full force of workers. It is estimated six hundred men experienced unemployment in Kandos at this time.

The Quality of Justice

We are intensely curious about what happens in a court house. Good and Evil, Crime and Punishment are two of the most enduring themes in literature and on television.

Let Us Celebrate Our Pioneers

Many of the pioneers we celebrate reflect the values of the period in which they lived. They came from a particular group – male, white, Anglo-Saxon, rich, powerful and successful. In a twenty first century society which aspires to equity we need to identify pioneers who were Aboriginal, women, immigrants and workers.