Let Us Celebrate Our Pioneers

Many of the pioneers we celebrate reflect the values of the period in which they lived. They came from a particular group – male, white, Anglo-Saxon, rich, powerful and successful. In a twenty first century society which aspires to equity we need to identify pioneers who were Aboriginal, women, immigrants and workers.

Kandos Was Never Chandos

“For better or worse the new mining township has been christened ‘Candos’...The plan of survey of the proposed new cement town at Coomber, to be known as ‘Candos’ was laid on the table by the clerk showing the streets and other details.”

How Kandos Got Its Swimming Pool

Kandos and District Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool is a hidden gem. Clean, private, and largely unpeopled, it sits above the main road, prepared to unlock its splendour only to those who visit.

The Atmosphere Was Electric

At the same time as Mrs J B Simpkins, wife of Councillor Simpkins, switched on the lights at the sub-station in McDonald Street Kandos, my grandfather’s four-year old daughter Josie, sitting on her uncle’s shoulders, reached over and switched on the lights in their home.

When the Band Began to Play

Suddenly through the night air came the thrilling sounds of a brass band “marching in from the back blocks”. It drew crowds to the main street. It drew children with their own tin-can band.