When the Band Began to Play

A town band needs a bandstand and White Crescent reserve was the obvious place for one. It belonged to the company and the question was asked: Would they dedicate it to the people of Kandos?…

This article by Colleen O’Sullivan appeared in the Mudgee Guardian, 30 June 2014.

Information about Kandos Town Bands came from early editions of the Mudgee Guardian and Lithgow Mercury, Bev Robbins, and Glen and Rose Evans.

The featured image of the Kandos Band was taken in 1966 for the Kandos half-centenary. sourced from Rose and Glen Evans.

To download and read this article click below:


2 thoughts on “When the Band Began to Play”

  1. I played the second cornet in that band when I was 8! (1967 – just missed the photo). When I stopped playing, I was too scared of Mr Byrnes to return my borrowed cornet. Ray Paxton


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