The Magic of Mr Cant’s Gardens

There is not much left of Mr Cant’s gardens. Some old palms and cypress dotted around the extensive acreage, two avenues of deciduous trees, several groves of gums. They are the straightest, tallest gums I have ever seen, chosen, I assumed, as an anti-polluting barrier between the cement works and the town. You might have guessed that the town where Mr Cant established his famous gardens was the (former) cement town of Kandos…

This article by Colleen O’Sullivan appeared in the Mudgee Guardian in August 2012.

The featured image shows the office and surrounding garden beds. Built in the style of a Californian bungalow with wide verandahs, columned piers and ornamental gable, the office was the focal point of the garden.

Click below to view the full article:

Mr Cants Gardens


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