Kandos Town’s Centre

The stars were twinkling the night the Governor attended the ball. And the man in the moon was winking. Kandos Community Centre, outfitted in its best regalia, knew it was the star of the evening. Glamorous guests mingled on the Town Square sipping champagne, choosing canapés, watching the vice-regal party arrive, and admiring the Lantern Parade as it wended around the perimeter of the Town Square…

This article by Colleen O’Sullivan appeared in the Mudgee Guardian, 15 December 2014.

The featured image is a group photo taken in the Kandos Community Centre probably in the 1960s. If you can identify any of the group, other than Miss Solomon and Councillor Williamson, please provide a comment.

To download and read this article click below:

Kandos Town’s Centre

Featured Photo
Third from left Mrs Lynch
Miss Solomon far right
Man in bowtie is Councillor Jack Williamson
Bishop is probably Albert Reuben Edward Thomas, Bishop of Bathurst 1963-1983
The priest might be Father McMahon

8 thoughts on “Kandos Town’s Centre”

  1. Collen

    I cannot see Councillor Williamson in this photo.

    I can see Mrs Lynch ( 3rd from the left) and of course Miss Solomon.

    I cannot make the photo any bigger to make out the others but I assume that the two priests are Catholic priests , one of whom looks like a Bishop.

    If you look up the register of catholic priests in Kandos you will find the priests name. I remember him very well bu his name escapes me.

    By the way, Barry Conran whose band played at the Ball was my cousin.


    1. Thank you for all that information Lesley. Yes i will look up the priests. I believe the man in the bowtie is Councillor Williamson, only because I have another photo of him, dressed the same and was identified as Councillor Williamson by a relative. I could be wrong though. Colleen


      1. hi Colleen

        on reflection the group in the photo looks heavily Catholic. I am wondering if it is in fact a photo of one of the Catholic Balls of that time? Williamson was a Catholic also. ( which is the reason was he and my cousin Gwen did not marry)
        As Mrs Lynch was well known to my family I would be very surprised if she had attended any Ball other than the Catholic Ball.


  2. Lesley and Colleen I think the catholic priest is Father McMahon. I don’t know why and it is probably wrong but I thought the man with the bow tie is Mr Frappel who lived in Dabee Road. I love what you are doing with site Colleen. It brings back so many memories. Thank you very much for all the work you have put into it x


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