Jundah Singh, pioneer, migrant, businessman, litigant

…I haven’t discovered why or exactly when Jundah came to Australia. He arrived as an adolescent at the turn of the twentieth century, seeking, I am sure, what all immigrants want: security, contentment and a good productive life…

This article by Colleen O’Sullivan appeared in the Mudgee Guardian 4 March 2013.

The featured image is a docket from Jundah Singh to Mr Lee, showing items purchased. The original can be seen at Kandos Museum.

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9 thoughts on “Jundah Singh, pioneer, migrant, businessman, litigant”

  1. Oh my goodness! This is my great grandfather. I have found a few hidden pieces to the puzzle of my family history. Thank you so much. I would like to tell you more about Jundah and the family.


    1. Hi my son is Jundahs great Grandson his grandmother was Cora his only daughter, my son is in Kandos at the moment researching the family, .I just read he had more than one daughter, my husband was Coras son who she gave to The Salvation army he was later adopted.


      1. My number is 0481286257….. Please call me about jundah Singh. He is my great grandfather


  2. Jundah was my great great grandfather, Hid daughter Cora my great grandmother, Very interesting read! Would love to learn more about him!


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