The Shopkeeper’s Daughter Miss Alice Solomon

This article appeared in the Mudgee Guardian on 11 May 2015.

The featured image is of Miss Solomon cutting a cake at the debutant’s ball in the 1960s. (from the Museum collection)

To download and read this article click below:

The Shopkeepers Daughter

1 thought on “The Shopkeeper’s Daughter Miss Alice Solomon”

  1. I grew up in kandos. I was born in rylstone hospital on 12th January 1947. My father worked at the kandos co-op for about 50 years. I moved to wollongong in 1974. I have 4 sons 2 in wollongong 1 in Bathurst and 1 in rockhampton qld and I have 9 grandchildren. I do miss kandos but I have no reason to go back anymore.


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